From Zero to Hero – ALTEN goes Top 50

Following its flying success in aviation ALTEN now conquers the road. We set up our office in Hanover in 2012. Our mission: expansion into the automotive sector.

In 2018 we already managed to generate 18% of our revenue in the automobile industry with a strong forecast for growth. Our core competencies are mainly based on Research & Development for the divisions “Gesamtfahrzeug”, “Elektroniksysteme”, “Fahrwerksysteme” and “Aggregate” as well as in the production area. Our greatest success: We now belong to the Top 50 suppliers for VW, an achievement normally reserved for organisations with a much longer working relationship with VW. Now that VW is changing its cooperation with the suppliers to work packages, ALTEN Technology is able to leverage its existing expertise gained in the aviation sector where such work practices are already common place. We will keep building on this success and impress our clients with our quality and professionalism. With 120 employees in Hanover, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig we are already well on our way. 

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