How to become a Top Manager at ALTEN Technology

The guiding principle of our 4-step ALTEN management program is to enable today’s employees to become tomorrow’s leaders. This is why we both challenge and support our people in Business Development from the very beginning and help them climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top.

Business Manager

As your first step you start as Business Manager. At this level you familiarise yourself with the different industries through the help of a coach; you learn how to sell as well as recruit and step by step you reach your first targets. To begin with, you go on a week-long training course which will lay the foundation for your success as Business Manager. Thoroughly prepared you then start your first customer acquisition, build your own customer base and you personally choose highly qualified specialists for your projects. You also conduct market analyses and ensure the profitability of your own business unit with direct profit & loss responsibility from day one.

Experienced Business Manager

Once you have successfully completed the first step of the program you are promoted to Experienced Business Manager. At this level you will already be leading your own team of 15 to 35 accomplished engineers. Your coach will continue to support you as you make further successful acquisitions, personnel selection and conduct market analysis. Moreover, as Experienced Business Manager you are already experienced with handling work packages and the associated project management.

Coaching Business Manager

When you have successfully delivered everything required at the second level you will advance to become a Coaching Business Manager yourself. In this capacity you take on the overall management of your team in a mentoring/coaching capacity. Your team consists of Business Managers and expert engineers. As Coaching Business Manager you work both in strategic as well as operational areas, both of which come with a high level of management responsibility. Among other things you write business plans, conduct market analysis and respond to the needs of new and existing customers to identify and implement potential growth opportunities. You are coach for your Business Managers and lead them through their training and development while also staying on top of your own development plan for reaching your objectives. Additionally, you are in charge of the implementation of major projects and lead our work packages to success. You further the careers of the engineers (approx. 35-60) in your business unit and develop a recruiting plan that fits the needs and the portfolio of your customers.

Senior Business Manager

Once you have proven your strategic and conceptual capabilities and have acquired a good grasp of leadership you reach the final rung of the ladder – the position of Senior Manager with responsibility of 60 150 experts. In coordination with the Executive Board you develop and pursue the right concepts and strategies and take advantage of potential growth opportunities. You continue to be coach to your Business Managers and contact person for our key customers, but in addition to that you also play an important role in overall pricing, framework agreements and joint ventures. You oversee and control major projects and ensure work packages are successful. You evaluate the potential of various accounts utilising all technical, economic, internal and external information available. In addition to leading your project teams, you ensure the overall profitability of your business units with profit & loss responsibility.

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Accelerate your career with ALTEN

Your career as a business manager at ALTEN is built around acquiring the core competencies that will step by step turn you into a successful executive. The career development model follows several principles:


Your progression is determined by the speed at which you acquire the relevant skills.


Your results will be evaluated on a six-monthly basis by your line manager. After three consecutive terms of continuously improving results you will be eligible for promotion to a more senior role.


Each career step is supported by training courses to enhance your skill set. In addition, a senior manager will be coaching you and share best practices.


You build and your own profit centre through your commercial acumen, recruitment and management of its resources.


You will rapidly grow in seniority as a result of your high profile commercial and managerial decisions.


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