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in 2018


Accelerated by a growing demand for mobility by users, the multimedia and electronics industry is in the throes of a revolution.

Be it media (tablets, smartphones, connected TV etc.) or technology (responsive design, applicationsetc.), new technologies have emerged and have quickly been adopted by users.

Today, faced with the digitisation of content, the expansion of social networks, the development of connectivity and mobility and research into new products and services, multimedia stakeholders are having to adapt their business model: finding new sources of revenue, retaining and acquainting themselves with users, developing and enriching content, optimising the quality of service (QoS) developing real-time responsiveness, releasing new media etc.

In order to meet these challenges and new uses, ALTEN supports its clients throughout the sector’s value chain: equipment suppliers, manufacturers, software publishers, institutional bodies, digital agencies, media/web distributors and publishers etc.

The Group’s services in this area revolve around several areas of expertise:

  • Multi-terminal and multi-framework web software development in Agile mode;
  • Telecommunication engineering and development of set-top-box terminals;
  • Ergonomics and Design.

In the context of reducing the time-to-market, the added value of ALTEN Group lies in its ability to deliver projects with a strong level of commitment on turnkey projects.


Nearly 900 engineers active in the Multimedia and Electronics industry

  • Strong technological synergies between Telecommunications, Electronics and Multimedia;
  • Significant positions in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, the USA and Russia;
  • Over 50% of projects in workpackage mode.

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