Corporate policy

At ALTEN Technology we are convinced that the quality standards that we have established and the quality of our service as an organisation are a major factor for our success.

The nature of the industry sector in which we work requires that we maintain a trustful and qualitative relationship with our interested parties. Understanding the needs and expectations of our customers, our employees and our suppliers is the key to our success.

We have an obligation to ourselves to respect legal and customer requirements as well as to continuously track and improve the satisfaction of our customers and that of our employees in order
to optimize the quality of our service.

Whether operational performance or rolling out new solutions are concerned, I am convinced that the achievement of the goals that we have set ourselves goes hand in hand with an approach based
on the continuous improvement of our processes and the efficiency of our corporate management system.

Our corporate management system which is at the heart of our strategy regarding our customers, our employees is effectively at the heart of all our internal and external activities and is one of the key elements of our success.

In order to reach our objectives, the process owners of our organization are in charge of deploying the corporate management system within their activities and to set up the respective quality plan.

Quality is everyone’s concern and our corporate management system must be fully understood and implemented by everyone. Each and every employee of ALTEN Technology is a key player in our policy and must ensure that it is applied within the scope of their everyday activities. I count on your commitment to support this.

Our corporate policy is compliant with the ALTEN Group corporate policy »FORCES«.

Pierre Bonhomme,
CEO ALTEN Technology GmbH
Executive Vice President ALTEN technology France, UK and Northern Germany

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